Paul (born July 14, 2001), known as ThatGreekGuy, is an active blacker in the black MIDI community.

He was born in Nafpaktos, Greece and had lived there for seven years. He then moved to Rockland County, NY in August of 2009.

Paul plays the cello, piano, and guitar. He has played the cello for 7 years, piano for 4 years, and experiments with the guitar. He often plays the guitar in the most annoying way possible in voice calls. He is currently part of the Trusted branch in the black MIDI community Discord, which is an alternate role similar to BMT-N.

His MIDIs typically involve a lot of note drums, with his works transcribed in MuseScore and later blackened in Domino. His MIDIs range from 50,000 to 100,000 notes. He mainly uses TheGhastModding's MIDI to Video Generator to make his videos.

Paul came up with the idea of "Butter Boy", the current mascot of Keppy's Synthesizer; later renditions of it were illustrated by Sir Spork.

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