This article is about the kind of TMIDI by Tom Grandgent. For the kind of TMIDI By Fummy, see TMIDI Player

Tom's MIDI Player , "TMIDI," is a MIDI player developed by Tom Grandgent. It uses the least amount of RAM out of all MIDI players and can handle lag very well (but it is not the best in contrast to some other programs like vanBasco). Unlike almost every other Windows-based MIDI player out there, TMIDI is written entirely from scratch instead of relying on the MIDI player built into Windows. Because of this, TMIDI offers enhanced display and control over the music playback. It can also play files that most other MIDI players struggle in.

Black MIDI Septette For The Dead Princess 69 Million (Test video)04:41

Black MIDI Septette For The Dead Princess 69 Million (Test video)

TMIDI vs. Septette For The Dead Princess 69 Million

Pros and Cons


  • Can open very large amounts of notes ~(400-500 million)
  • Loads MIDI files a lot quicker than other MIDI software


  • Refuses to read more than 512 MIDITracks in a file
  • Event count can be pushed off of screen (can be fixed with a resource hack to the font).

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