Oscar Castle-Roper (born June 11, 2002), known online as Sir Spork, is a member of the Black MIDI Team from Wales, UK. He has been blackening MIDIs since early 2016 and typically remixes pop songs and obscure songs.

Oscar uses Piano From Above for most of his videos, and makes his MIDIs in FL Studio.

Before he started with Black MIDIs, he posted regular animations of one of the Vinesauce team's members, Vinesauce Joel. He rarely posts animations anymore as his content has changed, but sometimes releases an animation video in the form of a rant or of another YouTuber.

The style of his blackening is similar to that of percussive MIDIs popularized by the Asian side of the black MIDI community, though it is very different to it at times. He has created many MIDIs before and aims to push one out at least once a week.

His most popular video is a black MIDI of the American National Anthem, garnering over 17,000+ views as of June 2017.
-BLACK MIDI- United States National Anthem - 409k notes ~ Sir Spork00:55

-BLACK MIDI- United States National Anthem - 409k notes ~ Sir Spork

Sir Spork's PCs

PCs Main PC Laptop
CPU AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.8GHz AMD C-70 1GHz
GPU NVIDIA GT 730 4GB DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 7290
HDD 750GB 280GB

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