Aldo Talving (born September 18, 2000), known by multiple names, mainly as "minelolpride" is a current member of the BMT and lives in Airdrie, AB, Canada. He has been in the community since (insert year here), and has only produced a few black MIDIs to completion since early 2015, consisting of those which have ridiculous crash points at times. He also has been creating audio renders for various MIDIs with great quality, as well as create some soundfonts of his own (ex: nameless.sf2)

For most of the videos, he uses either PFA or TheGhastModding's MIDI Video Generator, and produces MIDIs usually using FL Studio or Domino. Any audio renders are done using Keppy's MIDI Converter , Mixcraft 8, and sometimes Audacity.

Outside of things to do with MIDIs, he also is a avid gamer with experience in plenty of games under his belt. Things like N++, osu!, Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Minecraft are usually the most played of all his games recently, with plenty of time playing Touhou, Terraria, Starbound, and Garry's Mod.

When it comes to his style of blacking, he usually focuses first on piano drums, which can be seen in most of his MIDIs, complete or not. He also usually ends up creating relatively small midis with very powerful crash points (see Heck Zone.mid ). He has produced some very large MIDIs too, however (see Infinite Being ), though he says he wont do that too much because "too much work to export xd".

As for his channel, he currently has under 200 subscribers and has uploaded over 300 videos to his channel, his most popular being osu! related and having ~50k views. Link. His most popular Black MIDI video, however, is a older video on Noisemaker Challenge Extended with ~10k views. Link, but he does have a newer video on the midi which was made with better quality and audio yet has accumulated only ~2k views. Link.

PC Specs

Soon™ Main Desktop Main Laptop Main Server Old Laptop (RIP)
Intel Core i5 3570 @ 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 6200U @ 2.8 GHz Intel Xeon X3330 @ 2.66 GHz Intel Pentium N3530 @2.6 GHz
EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SSC Intel HD 520 ATI ES1000 Intel HD 3500
8GB DDR3 1333

4 x 2 GB

16GB DDR4 2133

2 x 8GB

8GB DDR2 800

4 x 2 GB

8GB DDR3 1333
1000 GB 1000 GB 500GB, 500GB,

320GB (1320 GB)


MIDIs / Projects

Name Note Count Collaboration? Notes
'The Flawless Wings of Yatagarasu' 697,376 200 subscriber special, and first midi made completely alone
'infinite being community merge' 111,104,578 Blackhawk580


Sir Spork

Very Strong Leaf


largest midi i made with help of others


25k smash.mid 25,872 test midi
dicks 20.mid 3,935,022 made out of boredom
heck zone.mid 2,238,997 speedblacked

strong crash

its a lag.mid 15,126,757 Blackhawk580


50 subscriber special
night of nights is this

enough to topple a

good pc yet.mid

2,804,312 VERY strong crashpoint

only blacked crash

pc bully.mid 3,607,727 made by request
something.mid 7,872,585 "why would anyone want this"'"why did i make this"
something.mid.mid 11,956,827 "i dont know anymore"
stars.mid 54,959 incomplete

"i dont know if i even wanna complete this anymore"

n/a 1,558,331 "an attempt at an original transcription"'"it was going well but i dont know where to go with the melody at this point"
'bloodthirsty dead princess' 25,175 "i know i can black this i just know it"'"the notedrums are good, dont you agree?"
'brinstar depths' n/a planned to be made by request from Natsuki8000

"tempo is too hard"

'illusionary emperor' 1,163 "this hasnt really been started but it has potential"'"coming soon maybe"
'infinite being' 54,839,185 Largest Black MIDI produced by myself to date

Video link

'kuledud3's demise' 14,293,202 TheGhastModding lagtester with multiple difficulties

notecount supplied from the x30 .mid

'lets jump' n/a "as it stands now i cannot transcribe this any more"
'necrofantasia absolution' 10,172,762 incomplete black of Necrofantasia

"i have to rethink how im doing this one"

[classified] 5,887,306 "oldest project on record, and will never be distributed"Nothing is known about the midi by anyone except for a couple people.
'test bench destroyer' 14,373,373 TheGhastmodding a very strong lagtester based off of LinusTechTips' intro melody