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Two Faced LoversVanBasco's Karaoke PlayerViena
File:"Death Waltz" The famous first ever Black MIDI of LBSFSFile:-BLACK MIDI- Bad Apple!! 2.3 Million NotesFile:-Black MIDI- Piano From Above - Bad Apple!! Blaze Mode - NO LAG! ~ Merged by Dmitry's Music
File:-Black MIDI- Synthesia - Vocaloid- Two Faced Lovers blackFile:-Black MIDI- The Nuker II Final 142.2 Million (little lag on end)File:119804a4cee6b180f35ed401fd444a87a11f5cf6 full.jpg
File:Attention.pngFile:BAD APPLE 4.6 MILL.pngFile:BLACK-MIDI BAD APPLE 48 MILLION!!!
File:Bad Apple!! 2.04 Million by Carlos S. M.File:Bad Apple!! 8.49 MILLION!!File:Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico
File:BeatMIDIIcon.pngFile:Bedrockavatar.pngFile:Birthday special Fujiwara no Mokou's Theme 21 million notes
File:Black MIDI BASSMIDI Test - Bad Apple!! 40 Milllion (aka Peta Mode)File:Black MIDI Bad Apple!! Remix (Remixed Merged Edited) 0.67 MillionFile:Black MIDI Septette For The Dead Princess 69 Million (Test video)
File:Black MIDI Septette For The Dead Princess 69 Million Notes (Total No Lag!)(Audio Out of sync)File:Black MIDI Synthesia - Night of (K)nights 1.1 Million-0File:Black Score-Example of a Black Score video by EpreTroll.
File:Brelsmidi3.pngFile:Busiedgem logo.jpgFile:Captureeeehhhh.png
File:Capturesynthesia.pngFile:Carlos new pic.pngFile:Communitylogo.png
File:Coolsoft.pngFile:DEAD ZONE 1.09 MILLION.pngFile:Dance of the Reed Flutes.png
File:Domino.jpgFile:Dxtory 1.pngFile:Epretroll youtube pic-1.jpg
File:ExampleFile:Example.jpgFile:FL Studio.jpg
File:GTX 460.pngFile:GTX 650ti.pngFile:GTX 780 SC.png
File:Hatsune Miku - Two Faced Lovers 19 MillionFile:Ic launcher.pngFile:Infernis.png
File:Keppy's Spartan MIDI Converter.jpegFile:Keppymididrvcfgdebug.pngFile:Ksadvanced.png
File:LBSFS - 7 Million NotesFile:LBSFS 2.29 MILL.pngFile:Last Brutal Sister Flandre Scarlet - COOL&CREATE
File:Linuxgemini avatar.pngFile:Lol.pngFile:Lol2.png
File:Lolol.pngFile:MIDITrail - Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz & String Quartet 556B for StringsFile:MIDITrail 2013-06-12 19-31-25-32.jpg
File:MIDITrail PNG.pngFile:MSGSWSDM-0.pngFile:MSGSWSDM.png
File:My MIDI Player plays Dead Zone 1.09 Million notesFile:Necrofantasia "All hell frezes over" by kakakakaito1998File:Necrofantasia Necrofantasy.png
File:Necrofantasia by kakakakaito1998File:Necrofantasia nuclear bomb 3.7 million notesFile:Night of Nights
File:Night of Nights (Flowering Night remix) By COOL&CREATEFile:Night of Nights 5.71 MillionFile:Original Bad Apple!! by kakakakaito1998
File:Original Red Zone by kakakakaito1998File:Original video of The Nuker 1.9.3File:PCB Yukari's Theme- Necrofantasia
File:Piano From Above.pngFile:Pitchbars.pngFile:Potatocat.jpg
File:QUADRO.pngFile:Red ZoneFile:Red Zone - John L. Sinneslöschen Version
File:Red Zone Black MIDI SynthesiaFile:SMD.pngFile:Scon.jpg
File:Senza titolo-1.pngFile:Septette for the Dead Princess 14.9 MillionFile:Somesoundfontsssssss.PNG
File:Ssw.jpgFile:Synthesia- EpreTroll's most viewed video.File:Synthesia - Night of (K)nights 1.1 Million
File:Synthesia Logo.pngFile:Synthfont.pngFile:TAC 8.1 MILLION.png
File:TSMB2's rant on The Nuker series.pngFile:TSMB2ProfilePic.jpgFile:Takashino.png
File:The End of The Battle - My First TranscriptionFile:The Nuker 3 F3 video.53 Billion - Almost No LAGFile:The Nuker II F1 video.21 Million - Almost NO LAG
File:Thing.pngFile:Timidity icon.pngFile:Touhou 6 - Septette for the Dead Princess
File:Tumblr nptmiruYLP1uw3yoro1 1280.jpgFile:Two Faced Lovers 34 MillionFile:Vanbasco.gif
File:VanbascoWindows8.1.pngFile:Video -Lyrics in Romaji, Translation in English-File:Weewew.png
File:What the heck.jpgFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.png
File:Wiki.pngFile:^67C1A31E3B80B6E8DDC9299FDCBC6A41BDBB2A8F4B1226C172^pimgpsh fullsize distr.pngFile:「Black MIDI」TMIDI Player Septette for the Dead Princess 14.9 Million notes

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