Riccardo Loi (born December 5th, 1999), mainly known by his alias, KaleidonKep99 (or Keppy), is an Italian guy who develops and maintains comprehensive programs. He has been in the Black MIDI Team for well over a year and has been a very influential member in the community.

Although he is not an explicitly exclusive MIDI maker, he has blackened some MIDIs in his very early days, some of which are Bad Apple!! and Plain Asia, both part of the Touhou Project soundtrack. He is one of the iconic SoundFont makers of the team proficient in programs such as Viena and Polyphone; some of the SoundFonts he created in his early days are Riky's Ultra-HD Piano (known today as Keppy's Steinway Piano), Farfisa (many versions), Bosendorfer, and Steinway ERxx/EVx9.

His first channel, Riccardo Loi, was removed after copyright infringement, while the second one, Keppy Studios, was deleted by himself in early 2015.

He's well known for being the creator of OmniMIDI, and for discovering ways to fix poor Black MIDI playback performance on Windows 8.1 and 10, such as with the Windows Multimedia Wrapper.

Personal Life

Loi has played the piano since he was 4 years old for nearly for ten years. He devoted himself to music from middle school until high school, after which he devoted himself to information technology (IT).

He regained interest in piano during 2012 when he saw some of Gingeas' videos about black MIDIs, and began producing his own videos on his computer.


  • Skilled at Photoshop/GIMP
  • Skilled at audio/video editing (Audition, Premiere and Sony Vegas Pro)
  • Skilled at programming in ASM, C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Java and WPF
  • Skilled at coding SoundFont/SFZ Sample Libraries
  • Very good at HTML and CSS coding

Programs he made

During his time in the team, KaleidonKep99 created various tools to help new members in making audio files, configuration programs (Like Piano From Above) and Windows patches (such as 8 and 10) to get the optimal MIDI performance.