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Aidan L. (born Jul. 10), also known by his alias Infernis, is a member of the Black MIDI Team and Frozen Snow Productions who creates and showcases MIDIs in the Black MIDI Community. He typically uploads every weekend, though he may occasionally skip this deadline. Infernis also occasionally creates original compositions, though he has only released one so far. His works include "Septette for the Dead Princess", "The Dark Blowhole", and "100,000 Steps to Elysium".

Aside from blacking, Infernis also enjoys video editing. His video of TSMB2's "Manifest" utilizes a split piano design, this design was later utilized again in another video, this time integrating Singer Song Writer. Infernis likes creating visuals in After Effects, which can be seen in his latest videos. Infernis began learning the piano when he was around 5, around the same time he discovered he had perfect pitch. He got into Black MIDIs when he saw EpreTroll's 128 key Synthesia videos, and decided to create a MIDI of his own. Infernis also enjoys playing the guitar, and has been doing so since he was 9.

Infernis's blacking style contains similarities to MIDIs created by Tarwil, the Korean Black MIDI Team, and Zarhym Raider. He uses a large amount of phrases, though his MIDIs are mostly melody oriented. He transcribes most of his MIDIs by ear, though sometimes will resort to using pre-made transcriptions if needed. He will rarely resort to using note art, though when he does it's a very small amount.

Black MIDIs

Title Note Count Release Date Collab Partner
Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator 205,258 Feb. 7, 2017 N/A
Native Faith 222,000 Jan. 10, 2017 ScubDomino
The Dark Blowhole 124,605 Oct. 23, 2016 N/A
Septette for the Dead Princess 214,873 Oct. 5, 2016 N/A
100,000 Steps to Elysium 100,446 Oct. 3, 2016 N/A
Plastic Mind 74,714 Jul. 29, 2016 N/A
CORE 265,499 Jul. 18, 2016 N/A
Bergentrückung + ASGORE 50,306 Jun. 17, 2016 N/A
Your Best Nightmare 124,417 May. 5, 2016 N/A


Specs Desktop Laptop
Model Custom built ASUS X550ZA
CPU Intel Core i5-6600K AMD A10-7400P
CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D14 N/A
Motherboard MSI Z170A Gaming M5 N/A
GPU Intel Integrated HD 530 Graphics AMD Radeon R6 Integrated Graphics

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