The China Black MIDI Team, also known as the China Black Music Team or CBMT, they are one of the Asiatic Black MIDI Teams along with the JBMT, KBMT and OMBS. Currently the CBMT is part of the China Black MIDI Association which is composed of the CBMT and the OMBS Teams in a single group.

Historically, CBMT were known for begin quantity blackers (Note count > MIDI Quality) in the past, but starting around 2014-2015, they made a shit to higher quality MIDIs and "Black Music".

Notable/known CBMT Members:

  • Zumn Zheng (Leader)
  • Thinker-AI (Leader)
  • Li Dick
  • Graham Bill
  • IceWiiMaker (Known as Xinyu Qian)
  • clean Black
  • Junior XZB.
  • BBT Lolipop.
  • but the Judge.
  • Only My Black Score
  • TSBowl

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