After Gingeas became the new co-leader of the Black MIDI Team, he decided to change the way in which people got into the team. He decided to make a Skype chat and Google+ hangout for those who wanted to join. Applicants would stay in those various sectors for a trial period, and eventually, some would make it through into the Black MIDI Team.

December 1st update:

"I have decided to scrap the idea of BMT-N "registration": there are so many new people who have joined the BMT-N (BMT newcomers' Skype group) to the point where it should, and will become a community chat for anyone who wants to join (and is in the black MIDI community). You don't have to want to be a BMT member to be in the chat. From time to time we may ask people to join in our BMT member chat if they prove to be a potential member of the BMT (this was originally the idea of being in the "BMT").

Being in the BMT is more or less a decentralized title we give to very dedicated people in the community who show their worth, and as such BMT members have their own chat that is less populated as the BMT-N - nonetheless, I find that there are times where there is more activity in the BMT-N than in the BMT-A. But don't worry: there are a bunch of BMT members in the BMT-N chat. Being in the BMT is not super special. You just get access to the chat, support from members in the chat if you need help, as well as having access to BMT-only MIDIs when they come out.

To join BMT-N, add me on Skype (juvalehigurashi). Be warned though, although activity varies widely, there are periods where we don't have many messages, and we have periods where we can foster several hundred messages per day.

Any questions, comment below."

  • ShadowXMusic
  • Rinnosuke
  • ムラサキピアノ
  • TheGhastModding
  • Dmitry's Music
  • Robert the Breadcumb
  • yeanlingcar3696
  • Hydra
  • Alex Petrov
  • Lighteater12
  • Mabon
  • MrDave1502
  • Mitchell MIDI
  • Pokemaster Hydreigon

Former BMT-N members

This list shows all people who were part of the BMT-N, some became BMT members, others left and/or got kicked for one or more reasons

  • ATNR (Ascended to BMT member)
  • MusiMasta (Ascended to BMT member)
  • Scub Domino (Ascended to BMT member)
  • BlachHawk 580 (Ascended to BMT member)
  • Nuclear Pug (Ascended to BMT member, no longer in the BMT)
  • Tikronix (Ascended to BMT member)
  • Infernis (Ascended to BMT member)
  • mineLOLpride (Ascended to BMT member)
  • Sir Spork (Ascended to BMT member)
  • Ben Fotiou (Left the BMT-N)
  • MRSK (Left the BMT-N)
  • Emex Dénvîr (Banned)
  • Tiernan (Kicked from the BMT-N)
  • Steven (Banned)
  • JimGr007 (Banned)
  • Alexander Verevkin (Ascended to BMT member)
  • Darktsoul75 (Left the BMT-N)