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• 1/5/2017

Your creative influences?

Hi, I'm just getting into Black MIDI.  I fucking love it.

I've read that blackers generally deny a relationship to Conlon Nancarrow despite the similarities.  So what are the creative roots, or if you'd rather, what are YOUR creative roots?  Text is cool but text with links is better!  

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• 1/7/2017
what do you mean by creative roots? btw im not BMT Member but i know Black Midis.
• 1/14/2017
We don't. Our inspirations came from early Japanese MIDI blackers like Kuro Yuki Gohan or kakakakaito1998.
• 6/17/2017

Welp I had been composing for a few years before I discovered Black MIDIs and all my compositions tended to be too difficult for me to play. then one day, I was getting annoyed at a friend who thought they were a good piano player so I looked up hardest piano song ever on youtube. I found Bad Apple 7.67 Million and I was like, That's me right there" and then I started blacking

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